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Hampton Creek in Ooltewah, TN

A great place to live and raise a family.

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Let's keep the beauty and the things we love from changing.

Please support our neighborhood.

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Beautiful views and open spaces. Let's keep the intergrity in place.

More yellow rezoning signs. Lately they're nothing new. There's even one on Snow Hill Road that effects our subdivision. The owner of The Ooltewah Club, 
Rick Stern, is requesting a major rezoning that effects Hampton Creek Subdivision, that abandons the planned unit development our neighborhood has operated under since 1997. According to the zoning application and plans Mr. Stern has made public, he wants 11 houses to be built on the area near the clubhouse that currently is home to open greenspace and the tennis courts.  He has stated publicly that selling the property and having houses built is a way to raise funds so he can pay down his debt on the purchase of The Ooltewah Club.  

     We all know, he's a nice guy and he's spent more than $1-million on the golf course to bring it up to standards. We are told membership in the club has more than doubled since he took ownership in April of 2020.  Several homeowners in Hampton Creek joined the club gladly and enjoy the improved facilities. All that is great. The staff is great, Mr. Stern is great. Everything is great.

      And here is the "but" moment. A previous owner was demonized in public and private for his alleged intentions of closing the golf course and building houses on the useable property. Concern in the neighborhood was elevated.  That concern turned to adulation when Mr. Stern bought the golf course to salvage the views and property of his multimillion home on the golf course. Everything is great, right?

      Not quite. Mr. Stern, who is a great guy and shrewd business person, now plans to sell golf course property so 54 houses can be built on property that was once a golf hole and property that now is useable greenspace for gatherings and the tennis courts that are advertised as one of the perks of being a member in his club. A group of concerned Hampton Creek HOA members have been told that if this zoning is approved, houses can be built anywhere on the golf course. 

     The prospect of 11 houses on the tennis court area adversley effect several homes in The Hampton Creek neighborhood that have for some been home for nearly 20-years. The planned unit development of Hampton Creek, after some 20-years, has finally been "built out" and can now be enjoyed without the comings and goings of construction traffic. The traffic patterns and roads were planned for 211 homes, not 222. Housing construction in this area will only bring more expense to the neighborhood with more gate maintenance and road repair. 

     It's time to act on behalf of the entire neighborhood. What if this project is allowed and it doesn't raise enough money for Mr. Stern. More houses down Gentle Mist Drive along hole #4?  Houses between hole #1 and The Ooltewah Club Club House? The driving range could hold quite a few houses, too. Mr. Stern wants to do away with the tennis courts, the driving range might be expendable as well. You see, some neighbors believe this couldn't happen.

     And some neighbors can't believe what is happening right now.

     Please take a moment to fill out the email form and send it so your opposition to this project can be noted and documented.

     It's more than time we homeowners be responsible for Hampton Creek's destiny - not land developers.

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